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5 Tips For Tire Maintenance And Repairs



1) Check your Tire Depth – tires are measured in 32nds of an inch. The tread depth on your tires is important to gripping the road and making sure water and other debris don’t get in the way. You can purchase a tire depth gauge at any automotive store or come by Drive Time and have our team of mechanics give your car a once over and make sure everything is tip top.

2) Weather Changes Habits! – Even the most expensive tires aren’t magical. In bad weather the only solution to staying on the road is being more cautious and minding the road.

3) Check inflation – The pressure of a tire is measured in Pounds per Square Inch or “PSI” Different cars and trucks, makes and models have different pressure requirements. Check the inside of your driver side door for a tip on basic maintenance and what your tire pressure should be.

4) Slow Down! – While your tires may be designated as high performance, you don’t always need to put them to the test! Nothing is safer than slowing down when heading into turns or slippery areas.

5) Know When to Replace and When To Repair! – Tires are not something you want to push to their breaking point. A blow out on the highway or even at low speeds can be very dangerous. Your tires are the only thing keeping you and your vehicle on the road! Treat them with the respect they deserve. Whether Truck or Car, come in and see us today! We’d be happy to help.

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