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There is nothing like that new car smell. But what does a new car smell like? It smells like victory and triumph, you took the time, invested and now you have a car to show for your work. But over time we start to forget that.

Step 1: Remove All Garbage

Take a quick look at your car. On the outside, it may look squeaky clean but on the inside, it could be a tornado. Food wrappers, grocery bags, and leftover food can culminate in a smell that engulfs the car. It is easiest to take a few hours and remove all of the clutter into a garbage bag and dispose of it. This will eliminate some of the more powerful smells in the car as food especially supplies a large source of scent for the car to be filled with. To prevent this step in the future, clean out the garbage in your car [...]

Having a larger car increases the weight allowing better traction and control of the car. This is especially important when the very unpopular snowy and rainy weather comes out of nowhere. Having this benefit makes for a much safer drive. In addition, being higher off the ground allows for more visibility when driving. Not only that, SUV models are designed to be very open, reducing the blind spots in the vehicle. As well the added feature of all-wheel drive, which is very important in helping with off-road and harsh weather driving. All these qualities not only help improve handling of the vehicle but it all around helps increase the safety of the vehicle.

The car advancement in the world today is growing and growing with new features that keep blowing people’s minds. There are so many options [...]

Purchasing a vehicle through Drive Time not only offers a well-conditioned vehicle but also provides great service. Before they put any car on sale, Drive Time thoroughly checks for any complications and issues before letting the customer take the new purchase out for a cruise. Moreover, they offer many services and repairs to ensure your car is road safe. This service is offered to not only Drive Time customers but also open to anyone looking for an honest repair store.

There are many repair and services DriveTime offers at fair and honest pricing. Additionally, they offer a breakdown of the cost and labour for the specific job they are performing. This way you know exactly what you are paying for! Take your car to their London, Ontario shop. Here are just a few [...]

Winter is a very cozy season; sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa in your pyjamas. Despite our want to stay out of the cold, we still need to get around. For most of us, the car is our primary form of transportation. Maintaining a car in the winter is more of a hassle than it seems to be. Protecting yourself and others during the harsh weathers is the most important when traveling the roadways. Here are some tips for being safe on the roadways during winter.

Check Road and Weather Conditions Frequently

It is important to stay informed about the current road and weather conditions along the roadways you frequent. You may need to find a detour if the conditions are poor.

Give Yourself Extra Travel Time

Often times when you are driving during the winter, you’ll travel at a slower pace to drive safely. This means you should leave extra arrival time so [...]

Picture this: Cruising down the highway with your car windows rolled down, taking in the brisk fall air. As you look out the window you witness the vibrant colours of the changing leaves. For some, road trips can be a calm, peaceful getaway from the reality of day-to-day life. For others, they can be incredibly hectic. Whether you love the open road or can’t stand being cramped in a car, here are six things that everyone needs to bring with them on a road trip, no matter the duration.

1. A Good Book

Looking out the passenger’s seat window may not be your best source of entertainment when sitting in the car for a few hours. Make your road trip worthwhile by bringing along your favorite classic! You’ll be able to pass the time on the road when cozying up with a good book.

2. Pillows and Blankets

When in the car for [...]

Whether you are purchasing a new car or repairing an old one, consider the material of the seat as it will determine the comfortability. A question arises between the two main forms of seat upholstery; Vinyl and Leather. This article is here to help you decide which to chose by outlining each’s benefits and shortcomings.

Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl is a form of plastic material that can be designed with many colours and patterns. Properly custom-made vinyl can be near indistinguishable from leather. Vinyl can hold its structure, colour and shape incredibly well. The upholstery will not stretch outside its initial shape so no wrinkles form on the seat. Vinyl is also great for stains as it is a plastic and thus chemically resistant. The most beneficial quality is its price; vinyl is a manufactured product and can [...]

Vehicles are expensive. This reality shouldn’t surprise anyone,however cost is not something you should be afraid of when purchasing a car. With services such as Drive Time Financing, vehicles have become easier to purchase with less income. Why is this? Dealerships offer a service known as financing.

Financing is a loan of money that is placed on your car when you purchase. The money is then paid back in periodic increments. You can have a lot of leeway when it comes to paying back your loan. You can determine the number of years you have to pay the loan (two years, three years, five years) as well as the frequency of payments (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

One downside of financing a vehicle is that there is an interest rate on the money borrowed, meaning a potion what you haven’t paid off at that point is added onto the cost. However, since you pay off [...]

Buying a car is difficult mentally and financially. Sometime you will over pay for a car and not realize the additional costs that come with it. Perhaps you purchased a car, only to realize that it is endangering your safety. The key to buying is to buy with knowledge and here is a quick tip: buy used. Here are four key reasons to buy a used car over a new car.


There are various money saving aspects of purchasing a used car. One very apparent benefit is the upfront cost. The price of a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu (current) is priced at $31,970. A 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Limited with nearly the same specs is $19,995. That is more than a $10,000 difference! That will save you a large chunk of change right off the bat!


Another financial benefit of purchasing a used car is the value of resale. It is more often that a [...]

You finally did it. After spending hours researching, scouting and negotiating, you bought a new car! Only problem, you don’t know what to put in it. Here are a few things new car owners need to make their cars their own!

Car Freshener

Let’s be honest, that new car smell is not as nice as you’d like to think. What’s the point of having a car if no one will ride in it. A good idea is to get a dashboard or vent clip air freshener to keep your car smelling nice.

Feet Mats

After buying your car, you don’t want to get it dirty right away. Protect the bottoms of your vehicle from dust, dirt or other things you drag into your car with a mat. They are inexpensive, easy to remove, and easy to clean if you wish to do so.

Road Map

Yes, I know; we live in the twenty-first century, everyone [...]

Sea-to-Sky Highway, British Columbia

The Sea-to-Sky Highway is a beautiful highway between Vancouver and north of Whistler Mountain. In addition to being a scenic route filled with majestic sights, the Sea-to-Sky Highway also includes small parks and communities that you can stop at to enjoy the beautiful view! Paved with trees and outlooking the water side, it is a wonderful sight while the leaves are changing.

Fundy Coastal Drive, New Brunswick

Fundy Costal Drive is a 243-mile journey that can take you anywhere from St. John’s to Moncton along the coast of New Brunswick. Along the way are plenty of bustling communities and road side attractions that will catch your eye. The other thing that will catch your eyes is the view of the ocean along the path. This [...]

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