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It's Your Time to Drive

When you take delivery of your car at the dealership, it should be clean.

Finally, let the salesperson give you a tour of your new car.
This includes showing you how to pair your mobile device via Bluetooth and demonstrating other important features and safety devices. All this is in the owner’s manual, but let’s face it, very few people ever read that book, which can be hundreds of pages long. If you don’t have time for a complete demonstration when you sign the contract, set up an appointment a week or so later. You’ll learn tricks and shortcuts you might not find on your own.

And now there is only one more thing to do: Enjoy your new car.

When the price, financing, and fees look right, it’s time to say yes to the deal.

From here, you can proceed in one of two ways:

  1. Buy at the dealership.
  2. Have the car and paperwork delivered to your home.

Most people tend to wrap up the sale at the dealership. Regardless of where you finalize the deal, review the contract carefully and make sure the numbers match the out-the-door breakdown. Be sure there are no additional charges or fees.

We will explain each form and what it means. Don’t be in a hurry. We understand that buying a car is a serious commitment.

Once you have a target car, it’s time to focus on getting a price.

We recommend using one of these two ways to get a price quote on a car:

  1. Ask for the total selling price, including any additional accessories that may have already been installed on the car. The best price will be obvious.
  2. Ask the salesperson to email or text you a breakdown of the “out-the-door price,” with all the taxes and fees factored in. This lets you see the total amount you’ll be spending.

You also should ask for a preview of products the dealership plans to offer you after you buy a car — things like paint protection, an extended warranty and possibly a pre-paid maintenance plan.

Test Drive a car once you’ve settled on a few car options.

If you found the vehicle on another site, call our sales department to request more information. In either case, keep these do’s and do not’s in mind:

  • Do verify that the car you want is still in stock. It might have been sold recently, and online inventories can take a while to catch up.
  • Do ask the salesperson if there are any dealer-installed options.
  • Don’t just show up at the dealer on a busy weekend or late at night. Waits may be long and you may not get the salesperson’s full attention.
  • Do schedule an appointment for a test drive. Early in the week and in the morning are good times. Having an appointment means the car will be waiting for you [...]

Plan Your Trade-In Strategy

Expectations for what your car is worth.
It’s important to get your trade-in value before you go to the dealership

This will help set your expectations for what the car is worth and gives you a reference point for any offers you’ll receive.

Be honest about the condition of your car. Most cars fall into the “clean” or “fair” category. Very few cars are “outstanding,” no matter how much their owners babied them.

The trade-in value is what the dealer may offer you — there’s an alternative to trading in a car or selling it yourself:

You’ll know exactly how much you can afford.

A few things to consider:
  • Monthly or biweekly payments?
  • What percentage of your total monthly income can you realistically afford?

To begin the loan-approval process, have your employer and salary information on hand. Make sure you will be ready to shop within about two weeks of seeking pre-approval.

Don’t worry if you have no credit history or a bad credit history. There are options for everyone. 

Not sure what car you want yet?

Decide on your budget and the features and options that you’ll need. For example, will you need lots of trunk space for groceries or hockey equipment or do you need a car that’s great on mileage and fuel efficient?

Once you have a short list, it’s time to figure out how you’ll pay for the car.

People once said that buying a used car was buying someone else’s problem, but the huge popularity of leasing has meant that tens of thousands of high-quality used vehicles are coming off lease and being put up for sale every year.

In many cases, these vehicles have had only one driver. Most have been well maintained since the cars have been under manufacturer’s warranty for their entire lives. There are many reasons people are considering buying a used car in Ontario.


You lose a substantial part of your investment in a new car the moment you drive it off the lot. On average, domestic models lose about 50 percent of their resale value during the first three years of their life, while imports lose nearly 50 percent over the first four years.

This rapid loss has everything to do with fashion and little to do with the vehicle’s true worth. Thanks to improved engineering [...]

Buying Your First Car?

What an exciting time!

Finally the freedom to drive where you want, when you want.  

Everyone remembers their first car as a milestone in their life. We will help you make sure you have the best experience ever!

Buying your first car must be approached with careful preparation. Follow these tips to help you find a suitable and safe car that fits your wants, needs and your budget.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider your daily activities when choosing your first car. Do you need a fuel-efficient car for your commute to work? Or lots of backseat space to hold the kids?

2. Make a Budget

The price of the car isn’t the only cost you need to consider. Think about fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance. Determine a budget and consider payment options that work for you: are you paying [...]

With a little planning and thinking through a few options, you’ll be ready to make a much better decision. Start with a Budget

Decide how much you can afford to pay upfront and what are comfortable monthly payments. Once you know your budget you can narrow your options based on what is affordable. Here is an online financing calculator to help you work through a few options:

New or Used?

A used vehicle is clearly a more affordable choice and becomes even more desirable once you realize that every “new” car essentially becomes “used” the moment you drive it off the lot.

Private Sale or Dealership?

Dealerships usually offer better peace of mind for some when buying a used vehicle. They have access to a wider range of inventory and dealers like service the cars we sell. This is ideal.

Research Your Purchase

Check online and ask around for some recent reviews [...]

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